Featured Improvement

Featured Improvements

XC Fences

2 New cross country jumps and some jump wings have been added as a donation from New Meadow Farm in Pepperell, MA


Snack Shack

New paver floor for the snack shack by Laurie Smigelski

flooring2016 Goals & Ways to Help

Repair to existing jumps including updating the bank jump. Directional, Trail, Parking & Property Signage.

How you can help: HGAA relies on fundraising and donations in order to maintain and upgrade the property. We are 100% volunteer driven and every cent we make goes back into preserving Hazel Grove Park for future generations.

Please consider the following ways to donate:

Write a check and mail to: Hazel Grove Agricultural Association | PO Box 155 | Groton, MA 01450

Donate online: